One of South Africa’s most exciting branding and packaging success stories, comes from a small food factory in Airport Industria, Cape Town. NOMU is mostly synonymous with delicious hot chocolate, but more so for its fresh, striking packaging.
Interesting and recognisable packaging

People are visual thinkers and anything that appeals to us aesthetically is going to get our attention. This is an especially good thing to keep in mind if your product will be sitting on a supermarket shelf with other brands selling the same product. Interesting packaging is the key to getting shopper’s attention.

The NOMU packaging is instantly recognisable, whether its their hot chocolate or spice-rub, you will see it because it stands out.

One of the first things we notice is the unusual shape of its hot chocolate tins. NOMU have gone for a thinner more cylindrical look, in brushed silver. The logo and information is printed in rich browns (the colour of chocolate) using a chic, yet simple, easy-to-read font.

Beating your competition with packaging

The other brands on the hot chocolate shelf all use bigger, rounder shaped tins, with brightly printed paper wrap. This may appeal to children, but it can also seem cheap and communicate something about the quality not being as high as that of the more chic NOMU products.

Life beyond the shelf

NOMU products are cleverly designed to continue marketing themselves even after they have been bought. People are more likely to displaying the tins on the kitchen counter, rather than hide them in a pantry cupboard, or even use them for storage after the contents have been finished. This type of design thinking is incredibly smart, because it plays right into the psychology of consumerism.

Their products are priced higher than their competitors, yet there is no doubt that consumers know that they will get exactly, if not more than what they are paying for.

Customers want authenticity in a brand, and nothing says “we are unique” more than clever, visually tempting branding and packaging.

The science behind product packaging is that it should always echo the “voice” of the brand, making it immediately obvious that the brand is appealing, without forgetting the importance of functionality. The goal of any packaging is to elicit a positive emotional response when a customer sees your packaging on a shelf, which is something that the NOMU branding has perfected.