Packaging is a part of every consumers life. Whether it drives a person to try a new brand, because of its aesthetic appeal, or helps them shop a little quicker as they subconsciously reach for a recognised, favourite product, there is no denying that it is something consumers respond to on a daily basis.

But what are the behind-the-scenes costs of packaging – the type borne by you, the brand, that could be having a detrimental effect on your business?


Bad packaging is the cause of a lot of returns. Either the customer is dissatisfied with the product, or the product is damaged by the time it is bought.

Packaging that doesn’t sufficiently fit the product is an almost sure-fire way to get a product returned. This will always leave a negative image of your brand in the minds of consumers, and even one bad purchase will cause a person to think twice about purchasing from that brand again. This is a costly and unnecessary mistake.


While consumers never have to consider how products are stored before they reach the retail shelves, incorrect warehouse storage by businesses can have a huge impact on the financials.

If packaging is taking up too much space, you may consider moving to bigger storage facilities or having to store goods off-site. This is extremely costly, when all that is necessary is re-thinking the type of packaging that is used, and using smart space-saving packaging alternatives that will reduce your business overheads.


Is packaging waste really necessary? Using incorrect packaging for a product may result in unnecessary waste, and apart from being bad for the environment, it will have a huge impact on your packaging costs.

Use good quality packaging and tape, and you will not have to use excess or doubled-up packaging to keep the product safe from damage. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, and are using social media to share their experiences of having to deal with packaging waste. This can have damaging consequences for any business.

If you need to reduce your packaging costs, we can help. Packaging is a necessary outlay for any business, but we can help you to packaging and store your product in a way that is smart, not costly.