In the manufacturing or food production business, efficiency on the production line is critical for the success of your business. An issue that creates an interruption in the flow is detrimental for the business financially as well as having a negative impact on staff morale. One phase of the production line that often suffers from minor setbacks is that of product packaging. Often, item packaging is perfected to a point, but bulk packaging goods often suffer as a result of weak and ineffective packaging products.

Saving Costs 

Unfortunately, business owners usually attempt to save costs by purchasing cheaper products for use on the production line where both speeds of packaging and strength of materials is important. Cheaper products are often not strong enough to deal with the loads on lines that are accustomed to high production. Case taping is one material that needs mentioning in this case. Packaging tape is the most important material in assuring case protection and conformity. When cheap packaging tape gets used on the production line it leads to cases opening on the line and spilling its contents. This can halt production for hours, costing a business a lot of money.


High-Quality Packaging Tape 

There are a number of reasons why your business requires high-quality, yet somewhat costlier, packaging tape.

  1. The better quality tapes are often made with preferable adhesives that are far more likely to bond with cardboard.
  2. Certain brands of packaging tape sometimes provide tape rolls that can be applied via hot melt, or other tapes that bond in subzero temperatures (for application in freezers).
  3. Higher quality packaging tape is often the only packaging tape that can work in assimilation with newer packaging equipment. New tape applicators, with modern alarm systems (indicating a shortage of tape, or a break on the tape roll), often only work with certain tape brands.
  4. Many of the more expensive tape brands, besides being obviously stronger, can also be used from end-to-end on the tape roll, saving your business money.

Really, there is no benefit in using cheaper brands of packaging tape, unless it is provided by a high-esteemed packaging product business. Make sure that you benefit from strong, easily-applied packaging tape by ordering yours from Design Packaging & Tapes today.