What is a marketing gondola? The marketing gondola plays an important part in the point-of-sale process. When customers are browsing in-store or are waiting in line to purchase their chosen products, a marketing gondola is a display stand that attracts the attention of the walk-in customer. This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, allowing clients to make last-minute purchasing decisions in favour of the brand who has used the eye-catching display. Here’s a few reasons why your brand should use corrugated cardboard point-of-sale stands.

  1. Customers will always make last minute purchasing decisions. In South Africa brands are blessed by the fact that customers spend extended amounts of time queueing for goods. This is a wonderful opportunity for brands to showcase their products at just the right time. With very little time before ‘checking out’, a customer is pressed to purchase your product.
  2. Corrugated cardboard point-of-sale stands allow you to provide extra information to the consumer. The gondolas often take up a small area of in-store space that you can use for your product marketing. You can use the print space to insert product information, useful industry related topics, as well as engaging designs that can really make use of interesting and colourful images.
  3. Corrugated cardboard point-of-sale stands can work hand-in-hand with a marketing campaign. If you are implementing a short marketing campaign that ties your brand with an event, film, activity or another product, then use the opportunity to make a custom gondola that emphasises this marketing campaign. It is a short-term and economical solution to your marketing campaign ‘voice’.

Corrugated cardboard point-of-sale stands and gondolas are a wonderful marketing gimmick that is really impactful in the retail space. If you are interested in investing in such a campaign, get in touch with a packaging business that can create your custom gondolas en masse.