Many brands and products are created specifically for the luxury market, targeting clients and customers with the money to splash out on ritzy, upscale, niche goods. These products often require the protection and marketing potential of luxury packaging. But what is luxurious packaging, and what makes it different from any other sort of packaging?

The Look

Implementing any packaging solution requires many hours of research and strategizing, finding the perfect product packaging that accurately reflects the products within. Much more time is taken to develop luxurious packaging. Many brands outsource packaging designs in order to develop an incredibly creative and personalized design. Furthermore, packaging for luxury products has to look ‘expensive’. This is very difficult to do if a business’s packaging is not to look tacky. A lot more time is spent identifying the correct typeface for luxury packaging, and there are many more steps taken to approve a design.

Utility Packaging 

In most cases, luxury packaging is not just a pretty box. Luxury packaging often serves a function. The most important function is that of protecting the goods within. Take into consideration the packaging of an expensive pair of designer sunglasses, or that of a Tag Heuer watch. The packaging is often created for extended use, as a protective case. Sometimes luxury packaging offers pilfering protective measures, such as anti-pilfering sealant, or is made from extremely resilient materials to better protect the luxury product.

Other Features 

Packaging has to tick a number of other boxes if you want it to be counted within the ranks of superlative luxury packaging. The big word being used to describe modern luxury packaging is ‘sustainability’. It serves as an explanation towards a product and brand advocating environmental friendliness. Luxury packaging often implements the use of innovative and prototype packaging designs too. Some luxury brands have used smart technology in their packaging, otherwise known as active packaging. An example could be using GPS tracking chips installed into packaging and remotely linked to a central system to identify where packages are located. Packing can have additives that assist with storage of devices. Anti-corrosive salts can be embedded in packages so that metal products contained within do not rust or corrode.

There are many facets taken into account when distinguishing luxury packaging from any other kind of packaging. Make sure that your brand has the correct packaging characteristics if and when you require luxury packaging for your products. For a luxury packaging solution, why not contact Design Packaging & Tapes today.