Many offices still use filing systems to organise and categorise information. Yes, digital filing systems are becoming increasingly popular, but many companies still utilise old fashioned physical filing to help coordinate the storing of information and facilitate easy access to the information when required.

For a filing system to be efficient and user-friendly there are a number of factors that have to be adhered to. Firstly the filing system has to be accessible. If the physical filing system is too far from the place in which a person works then it will take too much time accessing the necessary information. The filing system should also be in an easily opened or unlocked cabinet or shelf. Furthermore, the place in which the files are stored must be chosen to account for future growth of the filing system; there needs to be extra storage space for more files in future.

Physical filing can be done in a number of different formats. Shelving is by far the most popular form of filing. This is because the method is a lot cheaper, and it is easy to install a shelf upon which files are perched and easily accessed. Shelving is not the most secure form of filing, though. Filing cabinets are specifically made to be more secure and offer more organisation with regards to filing. A pull out draw can be arranged to categorise information, and can be locked from the outside. Lateral filing does not offer the security of a cabinet, but files can immediately be viewed without having to open the shelving.

Even with the onset of digital filing systems, and information being stored on alternative media devices such as flash disks, harddrives, discs and the cloud, old fashioned physical filing is still a critical office process. When filing needs to be stored it is important that the correct packaging materials are used. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be used as a great way of storing old files. By purchasing labels the cardboard boxes can be labelled according to period or function of information while tapes and protective wrapping can help ensure that the filing is safe and not likely to become damaged.

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