It’s already the second month of February, and time shows no signs of slowing down, and it is probably for this reason that we decided to look at the idea of a paperless office and ask a few important questions. Because we’re heading into the future at such a pace, the adoption of the ‘paperless office’ idea has caught on, and may have some serious implications regarding the paper and packaging industry.

Firstly, what is the paperless office?

A paperless office is exactly that: an office that runs all it’s product/service production and value chains, as well as administration, without a physical paper trail. Everything is electronic. With the rise of electronics, cloud technology, and high-speed internet, nothing has to be recorded on paper when information can be transferred almost instantly via a screen.

What does this mean for paper products?

Understandably, the demand for paper, and paper products such as files and organizational boxes, has taken a dip. Fewer offices require paper, and this has meant that a lot of paper suppliers have gone out of business. The demand for paper declines every year as more and more companies look to move their business online and electronically.

Will the need for paper products diminish entirely?

Paper required for printing documentation will likely diminish entirely, yes. However, there will always be a need for paper packaging. Design Packaging and Tapes supplies a number of paper products that are used in the packaging industry, and for packaging within the office. This includes products like brown wrapping paper, tissue paper, and newsprint paper. There is always a need for paper packaging, even in a paperless office. This paper can be used to move hardware and office furniture, as well as a number of other office supplies.

Although you may never again require printing paper, ensure that your office is never short of packaging paper. For all your paper packaging supplies, contact Design Packaging & Tapes today!