There are two key influences that make product packaging so very important. Firstly, packaging creates an initial and hopefully lasting impression of your product, influencing a potential consumer’s decision in terms of whether or not to buy it. Secondly, it protects the product, keeping it fresh (if applicable) and safe from damage.

Unfortunately, however, product packaging can be very costly and it can be tempting to cut costs by wrapping your finished product in inferior packaging  – unless of course you make use of our top tips for packaging your product on a budget!

Hang Tags

Certain products such as clothing and bottles with a neck or a handle are a perfect fit for hang tags (little paper or cardboard tags that can be attached to your product using zip ties, string etc.), but you do need to consider that they will have to be attached manually which can be time consuming!

The focus of your packaging will be on the stand-out design of the hang tag, allowing you to use a simplistic and economic wrap on or around the product itself. Hang tags can be produced on almost any stock and any shape of size – just be sure to use an easy-to-read, eye-catching font, as well as a colour that best complements your brand.

Focus on Your Label

If hang tags won’t work on your product (perhaps due to its shape or size constraints), you can still give it a professional finish by focusing your attention on designing an awesome label. If your label stands out, most people won’t even notice the other packaging materials you have used as a result. Think about it – who buys wine or beer because it comes in a cute box, or a great jam hidden by wrapping? The often overlooked label with the right graphics and smartly designed can do wonders for your brand.

Minimalism Wins

If you’re stressing about adding little extras to your product packaging design, don’t. As they say, less is more. There are countless brands and products out there that have taken the minimalistic approach and are insanely popular and respected.

Take Sir Juice, for example. The plastic bottles that are used to package the fruit juice are economical, but the labels and the “top hat” black caps have been cleverly designed to create a distinctive and easily identifiable look.

Don’t limit your options due to budget constraints to a simple box or plastic wrap. Think bigger, think simplistic, but most of all think out of the box and consider the wide range of affordable options offered by Design Packaging and Tape in Johannesburg, from plastic and corrugated cartons to protective wrapping, paper and board. For more information on how we can assist you to customise your order, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.