When it comes to packaging, the vintage method of wrapping parcels with brown paper and tying them in twine is an image that everyone can visualize. Twine is a very important packaging product, and one that is not lost on us, even today.

So what is twine, actually?

Well, twine is made of a few lengths of yarn tightly wrapped around each other to form a strong chord. Twine can be made of a number of materials including cotton, sisal or hemp. Each material offers the twine varying amounts of use and strengths. Cotton twine is used for a lot of smaller household applications, whereas sisal twine is stronger and can be used for larger projects. Synthetic twine made from acrylic based substances are also very popular, and they have their uses too.

Twine can be used for a large number of applications:

  • Obviously twine can be used for packages, and this is one of their most basic and popular uses. Tying twine around a package can give the package extra support and strength. Twine can also bind two or more packages together into one. Cotton twine has been used in a lot of food packaging as it is clean, easy to use, and doesn’t contain adhesives that can negatively affect fresh produce. Sisal twine has also been used for industrial purposes in the past.
  • Twine can be used for crafts. Home crafts use a lot of twine for making jewelry or household decorations. The rustic appeal of natural twine fibres make it a perfect material in this regard.
  • Twine was also used for making fishing nets in the olden days. If you’re a fishing guru you can attempt to use twine for the same purpose today.
  • Cotton twine has been used in a lot of organic toy manufacturing, and this industry is still growing in places like the United States to this day.
  • Twine has been used for tying bales of hay, as well as for collecting wood in the past. Synthetic twine is still used for this application in a lot of regions around the world.
  • The advertising industry uses a lot of twine for a large number of applications.

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