Tin cans have rarely been lauded for innovation since they were first produced in 1812, with the first automated-can making machine only coming on line in 1883. Two centuries and a few years later, there is some good news to be had in the history of the can.

With the introduction of McCall Farms’ clear plastic retort can, we can expect to see something new, see-through and innovative on the shelves. The can is going to be used as a packaging for seven of the company’s products, namely its Garbanzo Beans, Pinto Beans, Green Lima Beans, Light Red Kidney Beans, Dark Red Kidney Beans, Great Northern Beans, and Blackeye Peas.

The Design and Response

The company has implemented a new design which makes it possible to see-through the can – a simple yet revolutionary difference that has those in the food manufacturing and packaging design industries talking.

According to Woody Swink, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at McCall Farms, after conducting consumer testing and research, the overall response to the new design has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of the test subjects claimed that being able to see the product within the can gave the illusion that the vegetables were fresher, and it enhanced the level of trust that they felt for the brand. As a result, consumers felt more secure in being able to see for themselves, before they buy the product, that they will be getting the best possible value for their money.

While the innovation itself seems simple, it adds value to the product without increasing the amount needed to fund the packaging. According to many of the company’s staff members, it is an innovation which is sure to make the product stand out on the shelves, and nearly impossible not to try…

A Trend to Look Out for?

Looking at the positive response that the clear plastic retort can has received thus far, it is likely to become an international trend – and perhaps a new packaging option that all businesses in the food and beverage industry should consider investing in.

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