Attention all customers: please make sure that you have made all your necessary Christmas packaging orders! The Christmas season is almost upon us, and unfortunately, at this time of year there are always customers that we are unable to cater for, simply because the demand is too great.

Please ensure that you contact a sales representative at Design Packaging & Tapes as soon as possible and get your order in. Here might be a few of the reasons why you so desperately require packaging just before the silly season:

  1. You are expecting to sell more product, hence you are overproducing this month to get stock on the store shelves, hence you require a lot more packaging materials.
  2. You are an office administrator, and it is at the end of the year that you begin filing and storing away any unnecessary items. To do this you’ll require corrugated cartons (of which we are a supplier).
  3. You are a homeowner, and during the Christmas break it is the only time you can afford to move, redesign, spring clean or reorganize your home.
  4. It may be too late, but you could be a brand that hopes to release a second packaging option over the Christmas season, and you therefore need new packaging made. ‘

If any of the above examples illustrate your demands for Christmas packaging materials at the end of November, then make sure you contact us sooner, rather than later!

Have a great week!