What Are Corner Protectors Called?

What Are Corner Protectors Called?

In today’s fast-paced world of shipping and transportation, protecting goods from damage is of paramount importance. Whether it’s during transit or storage, packages are susceptible to various risks, including strapping that cuts across edges and compromises the integrity of the package or its contents. This is where plastic corner protectors or V-boards as they called come into play.

Purpose of Plastic Corner Protectors:

Plastic corner protectors serve a crucial purpose in the realm of packaging and logistics. They are specifically designed to shield vulnerable edges and corners of packages from the cutting force of straps and other securing mechanisms. By placing these protectors on the corners, the straps are redirected and prevented from directly contacting the package’s edges.

The primary purpose of plastic corner protectors is to ensure the safety and integrity of the packaged goods. They act as a barrier between the straps and the package, effectively reducing the risk of damage caused by the cutting or crushing force of the strapping materials. By absorbing and distributing the pressure, corner protectors provide an additional layer of protection to the package, minimizing the chances of breakage, denting, or tearing.

Benefits of Using Plastic Corner Protectors:

Enhanced Package Protection

Increased Structural Support

Improved Stackability

Cost Savings Versatility and Reusability

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