Mini Grip Bags

One of the most popular well-utilised types of mini grip bags, or self-seal bags, is the bank/ money bag. We stock these bags in a variety of sizes and they are generally sold in batches of 1000. Mini Grip bags can also be custom printed to provide businesses with packaging that meet industry and product specific requirements.

25mm x 25mm (2000 units)
40mm x 40mm (2000 units)
40mm x 60mm (2000 units)
50mm x 70mm (2000 units)
65mm x 80mm (1000 units)
80mm x 100mm (1000 units)
80mm x 120mm (1000 units)
100mm x 110mm (1000 units)
100mm x 150mm (1000 units)
120mm x 180mm (1000 units)
150mm x 180mm (1000 units)
150mm x 250mm (1000 units)
180mm x 320mm (1000 units)
215mm x 315mm (1000 units)
250mm x 360mm (1000 units)
305mm x 420mm (1000 units)
400mm x 500mm (1000 units)