Plastic Packaging Cryovac Shrink Bags

Our plastic packaging cryovac shrink bags are perfect for Vacuum packing food for long-term storage and freezing and will ensure that your products are as fresh as the day you bought them. Cryovac bags are shrinkable, heat sealable or ‘clippable’ bags and come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate your storage needs. Plastic bags can be custom printed to provide businesses with packaging solutions that meet industry and product specific requirements.

205mm (19mic)
205mm (1067mic)
255mm (19mic)
255mm (1067mic)
305mm (19mic)
305mm (1067mic)
355mm (19mic)
355mm (1067mic)
405mm (19mic)
405mm (1067mic)
455mm (19mic)
455mm (1067mic)
505mm (19mic)
505mm (1067mic)
555mm (19mic)
555mm (1067mic)
605mm (19mic)
605mm (1067mic)
655mm (19mic)
655mm (1067mic)
800mm (19mic)
800mm (1067mic)