Pizza Box Suppliers

At Design Packaging and Tapes we understand that all our customers are unique and therefore so are their packaging requirements. Sometimes a standard corrugated carton or regular slotted container just won’t do and you need something that truly represents your product and your brand. With this in mind, DPT specialises in custom boxes so that your packaging is just as tailored and as bespoke as your products are.

As locally based custom pizza box suppliers with over three decades of industry knowledge and experience, we are confident that our customised cardboard pizza box cartons will suit your product and customer needs and requirements. Our die cut custom cardboard boxes are designed especially for your product needs and can be manufactured in large quantities as well as for repeat order production purposes.

pizza box suppliers

Custom Pizza Cardboard Printed Packaging Boxes Made To Order

Design Packaging and Tapes specialises in Kraft and white board printed cardboard boxes that are of the highest quality and adhere to local and international packaging standards. These can be customised in the following ways:

  • Printed design – customised as per the brand and content requirements

  • Type of board – Kraft (brown) or white

  • Size – made to fit the product

  • Form – self-erected, machine erected, glued or stapled

  • Walling – single or double

  • Fluting (inner wall thickness)

  • Quantities (Minimum Order Quantity dependent)

Custom Pizza Box Suppliers – Contact Our Expert Sales Team

Our expert sales team is on hand and ready to assist you with all your custom pizza cardboard packaging queries and quotation requirements. Let Design Packaging and Tapes take your brand’s packaging to the next level.