Strong, Quality Moving Boxes For Sale in Johannesburg

At Design Packaging and Tapes we specialise in corrugated cardboard products. Our extensive range of corrugated cardboard products encompasses varying flute types, paper types and grades, shapes, sizes and forms to cater to every customer need.

The strength, structural integrity and carrying capacity of the cartons are largely determined by the type of fluting used. Fluting is the wave-shaped inner layer that provides reinforcement when sandwiched between the outer layers of the carton or box, this in turn allows the box to hold its shape and protect its contents, even under substantial pressure.

As a packaging rule of thumb, the larger the flute such as fluting types A or B (larger arches made by the wave formation of the liner), the greater the carton’s ability to provide padding or cushioning, the smaller the fluting (more tightly folded liner) such as D and E, the better the carton will be for folding and printing purposes. Other structural considerations for your carton or cardboard box include single or double wall board depending on the content requirements.

Basic carton options offered by Design Packaging and Tapes’ box manufacturers include:

  • Regular Slotted Containers/Cartons (RSC) – most common carton type and can be used for most products on the market. Regular slotted cartons are characterised by all flaps being the same length

  • Die Cut Cartons – specialised cartons that are ‘die cut’ to customised sizes for specific product use

  • Fully Overlapping Flaps

  • Half Slotted Containers – Similar to RSC but with only one set of flaps instead of two. Used for multiple purposes including archive and filing boxes

Regular slotted containers and stock standard corrugated boxes can either be glued or stapled dependent on the customer requirements, with the exception of die cut cartons which do not require either, and can be simply folded into shape.

Additional corrugated board products available from Design Packaging and Tapes include:

  • Trays

  • Partitions

  • Slip Cases

  • Layer Pads

  • Corner protectors

Corrugated board is typically supplied in Kraft board finish, but is also available in white board to facilitate printing, advertising, and product-specific presentation needs.