What Is Box Packaging Called?

What Is Box Packaging Called?

Navigating the world of product presentation, you might wonder, “What is box packaging called?” The terminology in the packaging realm can be vast, but let’s simplify it for you. Box packaging, at its core, is often referred to as “carton” or “carton packaging.” But this broad term can be broken down further based on utility, design, and material:

Corrugated Boxes: Comprising fluted sheets, they’re sturdy and ideal for shipping or transporting goods.

Folding Cartons: Made of paperboard, these are commonly used for retail products. Think of your everyday cereal box.

Rigid Boxes: These are the luxury boxes, often used for high-end products like smartphones or premium cosmetics. They’re robust and don’t collapse easily.

Tuck End Boxes: Popular in retail, these have flaps on both ends that tuck into the box. Perfect for toys, cosmetics, and software.

Slipcases: These are protective outer covers, usually for books or boxed sets. Die-cut Boxes: Custom cut to fit specific products, offering protection and presentation.

Eco-friendly Cartons: Prioritising sustainability, they are made of recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Box packaging, or carton packaging, serves the dual purpose of safeguarding the product and marketing the brand. Understanding the specific type suitable for your product ensures its safe transit and striking presentation.

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