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Food Packaging Suppliers Pretoria

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Quality food packaging suppliers Pretoria wide

Without the proper choice of packaging, there is always a high tendency for food to be wasted. Therefore, getting high-quality food packaging solutions should always be a priority. At Design Packaging and Tapes, we understand exactly how important this is and that is why we offer our customers and clients some of the most innovative food packaging supplies ever seen. Being the leading food packaging suppliers Pretoria can offer, we understand that a lot of organisations count on us to ensure that their food items are not just well protected but are able to reach their final destinations without getting exposed. Our food packaging supplies cover all sorts of food processing and packaging industries and we offer a custom service that allows you to get the personalised order made for your specific purpose. We are a one-stop shop and will satisfy your every food packaging needs.


Leading food packaging suppliers Pretoria wide

Having been in the industry since 1990, Design Packaging and Tapes has earned a strong reputation of being the leading food packaging suppliers Pretoria has to offer and this is evident in our long list of satisfied clients who continue to use our service. We bring a certain quality to the table as we try to strike a middle ground between affordability and quality. With the understanding that cost is a major issue in most industrial food production processes, our number one aim is to ensure that you get the exact kind of functionality you need without ballooning our costs. In our 25 years of food packaging production, our customer base has grown tremendously and we have also increased our scale of production alongside our product line in order to be able to satisfy an even greater range of people. This same drive is what differentiates us from other food packaging suppliers Pretoria wide as our customised packaging solutions meet you at the exact point of your need regardless of the food item it is intended for. For all things involving food item packaging, you can always rely on us to provide the best food packaging Pretoria has to offer.

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Why worry about damage and safety when you can safeguard your food item from exposure to the best choice of food packaging. Design Packaging and Tapes brings you the services of the best in the industry. We offer you the best customer service, which begins the very moment you contact us and continues until you are satisfied with your product packaging. There is no question about our validity as we are trusted and have achieved a reputation for being one of the leading food packaging suppliers Pretoria can offer. Contact us today to check out our wide range of packaging supplies.