Single Wall Boxes

Regular slotted corrugated cardboard single wall boxes are the ‘go-to’ items when it comes to secure package delivery. Known to be easy-to-use, slotted boxes are closed by simply overlapping the top and bottom flaps, which can either be sealed by taping or strapping them. Our slotted boxes come in numerous shapes and sizes to suit all product needs.

The strength and carrying capacity of the corrugated cartons you purchase is largely dependent on the type of fluting. Fluting is the corrugated reinforcement between the outer layers of the carton. Our cartons and corrugated boxes are also available in a double-walled variation.

single wall cardboard boxes


150 X 100 X 100mm (25 units)
230 X 150 X 150mm (25 units)
250 X 150 X 250mm (25 units)
300 X 230 X 300mm (25 units)
450 X 300 X 300mm (25 units)
610 X 450 X 300mm (10 units)
450 X 450 X 500mm (10 units)