Double Wall Boxes

Double wall  boxes consist of a double layer of corrugated cardboard board which makes them perfect for packaging heavier items. The strength and carrying capacity of the corrugated cartons you purchase is largely dependent on the type of fluting. Fluting is the corrugated reinforcement between the outer layers of the carton. Our cartons and corrugated boxes are also available in a single-walled variation. Our slotted boxes come in numerous shapes and sizes to suit all product needs. At Design Packaging and Tapes we carry a range of stock sizes that are always available for your ordering convenience.


230 X 150 X 150 (20 units)
230 X 150 X 150 (20 units)
250 X 150 X 250 (20 units)
300 X 230 X 300 (20 units)
450 X 300 X 300 (20 units)
610 X 450 X 300 (10 units)
450 X 450 X 500 (10 units)