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Specialist Manufacturer of Cardboard Boxes Pretoria

Design Packaging and Tapes are packaging manufacturers that specialise in industry stock-standard corrugated cartons. As the leading packaging manufacturer and supplier of cardboard boxes Pretoria offers, with over 25 years in the industry, we know that every company is different, and so are their packaging needs. Therefore, we offer a multitude of product options to suit any industry. Our cardboard and corrugated boxes and cartons come in a variety of shapes, dimensions and forms, and range from basic stock-standard sizes, to custom-made industry-specific packaging.

Wide Variety of Cardboard Boxes in Pretoria

If your company is looking for the best, tailored cardboard boxes Pretoria has to offer, then look no further. At Design Packaging and Tapes, we have a large selection of corrugated and cardboard products which makes us a competitive packaging manufacturer and supplier of cardboard boxes in Pretoria.  Our basic carton options include the following: regular slotted containers –which are our recommended go-to for all your basic packaging needs, especially if those entail the safe storage and secure delivery of your products. We also offer fully overlapping flaps and half slotted containers to ensure that your box is fully secured at all times. Our die-cut cartons offer innovative packaging solutions as corrugated cartons that are cut into shape using die machines. They are designed with ease-of-use in mind as they are intelligent, self-sealing boxes that are made for on-site construction and assembly and often don’t require additional tape or staples to secure them. In addition to manufacturing and supplying the best cardboard boxes Pretoria wide,  we are also able to produce corrugated board trays, partitions, slipcases, layer pads and corner protectors so that we can guarantee that the internal contents of your cardboard boxes are as protected as their exterior. Our cardboard boxes and cartons can be customised by strength depending on the amount of reinforcement you require for your products. This can be done by altering the fluting inside the outer layers of the carton, or by opting for single or double board walls. Our corrugated board is typically supplied in Kraft which is known for its strength and durability; however, our products are also available on whiteboard for all your printing and advertising needs.

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One Stop Shop for Cardboard Boxes in Pretoria

Whether your company requires packaging solutions that are a bit of ‘out the box’ or in the box for that matter – we’ve got every kind of cardboard or corrugated box and carton to fulfil your packaging needs. Our products are flexible in their use, recyclable and have a range of applications. We are your one-stop packaging shop for cardboard boxes in Pretoria. Contact us today to speak to our team for expert packaging advice, or visit our website to get a comprehensive quote on all your packaging requirements.

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