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Box Manufacturers South Africa

Box Manufacturers South Africa

We are leading cardboard box manufacturers South Africa wide

If your company is looking for reliable box manufacturers South Africa wide, then Design Packaging and Tapes is the best place to look. Having been a leader in the packaging and design market for over 25 years, our services offer the best cardboard boxes variety that the market has ever seen. We have serviced several industries in all our years of operations from cosmetics, food and beverages, wholesale operations, chemicals and a whole lot more. This has made us a one-stop shop as we are not restricted to fixed packaging solutions, from protecting wrapping to cardboard packaging and even corrugated cardboard boxes; we’ve got it all in stock and at great prices. Being one of the best box suppliers South Africa wide, we take great care in the calibre of products we give to you and we guarantee you nothing but the best.

Box manufacturers and suppliers to South Africa

Experience the excellence in packaging solutions at Design Packaging and Tapes. Our reputation has spread across the nation as the best box manufacturers South Africa offers and is are trustworthy providers of packaging and taping materials. We provide the best cardboard boxes South Africa offers while still bringing customised packaging choices to you. For us, our interest lies in the satisfaction that our products bring you, we are highly motivated to ensure that each box you purchase serves its purpose perfectly, while maintaining the same structural integrity that we designed. In order to do this, we create our products according to specifications with a great emphasis on quality and reusability. While it may be quite a decision to determine which exact style of cardboard box will be suitable for your particular application, our line of product is so comprehensive that it makes it easy for you to find the right size, strength and design of packaging while still giving you great value for your money. We leave no room for mistakes and try to get as close to perfection as possible. For all of your design and packaging needs, we’ve got you covered. Come to us and get a feel for the best box manufacturers South Africa can provide.

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Ever had a package arrive in poor condition, with damaged internal components? This is mostly due to the poor choice of packaging for the parcel. At Design Packaging and Tapes, we ensure that this never happens. Our specialist takes your orders and delivers those exact specifications of boxes you desire. We supply in both retail and wholesale capacities and distribute everywhere around the country.  By being the best box manufacturers South Africa offers, we recognise our position as the pacesetters and ensure that this reflects in our products. You can be assured that we not only give you the best cardboard boxes, we also offer you the most affordable rates around. Contact us today to place your orders.