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Christmas Packaging Supply Orders!

2020-02-05T14:37:35+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Design Packaging and Tapes would like to request that if you have any outstanding bulk packaging supply orders to be made before the Christmas rush, that you make them as soon as possible. Design Packaging and Tapes is often inundated with requests, quotes and orders within the month of December. We understand that it is during December that our clients have their own orders that they themselves need to meet. But if all of our valued customers all request more high [...]

Overseas Courier Packaging

2020-02-05T14:36:40+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

If you're sending something overseas via courier service, it is usually a good idea to package the item carefully. Many items get damaged on their trip across borders, and there should really be no excuse for this, unless of course the plane crashes or the courier warehouse gets set on fire. But disasters aside, here are a few tips to consider the next time you're packaging an item that is being sent overseas. Find yourself a solid box within which [...]

Strapping A Small Package

2020-02-05T14:35:38+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Strapping affords the owner of a package increased durability and strength for the particular package or packages. Strapping helps hold a box in place, limits the amount of play on flaps, secures the box against opening up prematurely, secures the content, and also helps protect against theft. Using strapping on every package seems to be one of the most intelligent things the owner of the package could do, but very few packages are sent securely strapped nowadays. The only logical [...]

The Ins and Outs Of Shrink Wrap

2020-02-05T14:33:28+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Shrink wrap is exactly that, a thin film of plastic that shrinks over any package. This offers the package superior protection from all elements. The thin layer of polymer has heat applied. As the plastic heats up, the micro-particles pull together, effectively shrinking the plastic. Any air between the plastic and the package escapes through gaps created by the sealing of the package. This leaves the plastic clinging tightly to the package, creating a 'second skin'. So what equipment is [...]

When Should You Use Steel Strapping?

2020-02-05T14:31:33+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Steel strapping, understandably, is the heaviest form of protective strapping and is great for all those large packages. If your business deals in large packages and shipping, then you'll require the services of some hardy steel strapping and the reliability offered by this superior packaging equipment. But steel strapping really sounds quite extreme... does your business really need to go to the extent of steel application? Well, this is when you should be using steel strapping: Shipping. As mentioned before, [...]

Operating a Strapping Machine

2020-02-05T14:30:31+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Strapping any package will provide your package with added support and increased protection. Strapping offers the package rigidity and also stops the package from completely falling apart if the box becomes damaged. Last week we wrote a blog about steel strapping, and three weeks previously we posted a blog about how someone can strap a package normally. But there are ways of strapping a package that doesn't require manual strapping. The method involves using an automatic strapping machine, and if [...]

Tie It Down With Twine

2020-02-05T14:27:44+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

When it comes to packaging, the vintage method of wrapping parcels with brown paper and tying them in twine is an image that everyone can visualize. Twine is a very important packaging product, and one that is not lost on us, even today. So what is twine, actually? Well, twine is made of a few lengths of yarn tightly wrapped around each other to form a strong chord. Twine can be made of a number of materials including cotton, sisal or hemp. [...]

Staple Gun Safety

2020-02-05T14:26:36+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

A staple gun is such an easy tool to use. It circumvents any need to use human energy to staple two items together. It also allows us to staple items that can otherwise not be stapled just by our strength alone. But be wary: a staple gun is also a dangerous tool, so ensure that you employ staple gun safety when using a staple gun. Always use a staple gun while wearing a pair of goggles or safety glasses. A [...]

Polystyrene Worms

2020-02-05T14:23:36+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Wriggly worms make the packaging world go round, there is no doubt about it. We're not talking about real worms here (and their ability to feast on mouthfuls of polystyrene).We're talking about the polystyrene packaging fillers that have a number of uses that help make your packaging easier. Polystyrene worms can be placed in boxes around irregular shaped objects to both fill gaps in the package as well as protect the object. The cushioning provided by the wriggly worms absorb [...]

Packaging With Paper

2020-02-05T14:21:04+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

A century before the rise of the Roman Empire, the ancient Chinese Empire had a multitude of inventors that worked day and night to formulate new and interesting tools and devices to make life easier. Many of us today have these men to thank for creating some of the everyday items that we take for granted. One of their inventions was that of paper. Although papyrus had been invented hundreds of years earlier, it was the Chinese who created the [...]

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