TVL Stock 9 Cardboard Boxes

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TVL Stock 9 cardboard boxes, with dimensions measuring 500x400x655 mm, are suitable for a wide range of applications including e-commerce shipping, retail packaging, moving, storage, distribution, electronics and logistics.

  • Available in bundles of 10;
  • Prices start from R368.60 per bundle, excluding VAT.

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TVL Stock 9 500x400x655

Product Description:

TVL Stock 9 cardboard boxes are the ultimate solution for all your packing needs. Whether you’re relocating, shipping goods, or simply securing heavier items like tools, small appliances, e-commerce inventory, or electronics, this versatile box has you covered. Comparable in size to an average indoor dustbin,, it offers ample storage space for your belongings.

Manufactured from standard-thickness cardboard and reinforced with a layer of fluting, TVL stock 9 cardboard boxes ensure the safety and integrity of your items throughout their journey. Simply seal it securely with packaging tape, and you’re good to go.

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TVL Stock 9 Box Prices

Save more when you purchase in bulk! Check out the per-box prices based on quantity below.

25 Boxes: Pay R36.86 per box
25 – 100 Boxes: Pay R32.25 per box
100 – 250 Boxes: Pay R27.65 per box
250 – 500 Boxes: Pay R25.80 per box
500 – 1000 Boxes: Pay R24.51 per box
1000+ Boxes: Pay R23.04 per box

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