Stock 7 DWB Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

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Buy Stock 7 DWB 450x450x500 Online!

Stock 7 DWB (Double Wall Box), with dimensions measuring 450x450x500 mm, is ideal for shipping items that require extra protection.

  • Available in bundles of 15;
  • Prices start from R733.20 per bundle, excluding VAT.

These double wall, standard cardboard boxes are popular with businesses and individuals needing to safeguard goods against impacts and compression.

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Stock 7 DWB 450x450x500

Product Description: Stock 7 double wall cardboard boxes are manufactured with double-thickness cardboard, these boxes offer unparalleled durability, making them ideal for shipping, packing, storing, or relocating heavier objects. Whether it’s compact, weighty tools, delicate electronics, kitchenware, or small appliances, this cardboard box ensures ample protection for a diverse range of items. Stock 7 boxes, equipped with a double layer of fluting, safeguard its contents, while its secure closure can be achieved with packaging tape.

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Stock 7 DWB Box Prices

Save more when you purchase in bulk! Check out the per-box prices based on quantity below.

25 Boxes: Pay R48.88 per box
25 – 100 Boxes: Pay R42.77 per box
100 – 250 Boxes: Pay R36.66 per box
250 – 500 Boxes: Pay R34.22 per box
500 – 1000 Boxes: Pay R32.51 per box
1000+ Boxes: Pay R30.55 per box

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