Stock 5 SWB Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

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Stock 5 SWB (Single Wall Box), with dimensions measuring 450x300x300 mm, is perfect for shipping and packing various items.

  • Available in bundles of 25;
  • Prices start from R401.00 per bundle, excluding VAT.

These single-wall, standard cardboard boxes are favoured by both businesses and individuals seeking efficient and affordable packaging solutions for heavier items.

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Stock 5 SWB 450x300x300

Stock 5 single wall cardboard boxes offer the ideal blend of size and affordability, making it a popular choice for businesses and households alike as the ultimate packaging solution. Constructed with standard-thickness cardboard and a single layer of fluting, it provides a secure enclosure for your valuable possessions. Comparable in size to a standard packing crate, it offers generous storage space for tools, pots, small appliances, books, and more. Not only does it accommodate general-purpose use, but it’s design also ensures easy lifting without putting undue strain on your muscles. Rest assured, even your heavier items will be well-protected during transit. Whether you’re moving or simply organizing your home or office, stock 5 Single Wall Cardboard Boxes offers a dependable and cost-effective solution.

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Stock 5 SWB Box Prices

Save more when you purchase in bulk! Check out the per-box prices based on quantity below.

25 Boxes: Pay R16.14 per box
25 – 100 Boxes: Pay R14.04 per box
100 – 250 Boxes: Pay R12.03 per box
250 – 500 Boxes: Pay R11.23 per box
500 – 1000 Boxes: Pay R10.67 per box
1000+ Boxes: Pay R10.03 per box

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