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Plastic Mini grip self-seal bags

One of the most well-known types of plastic minigrip self seal bags, is the renowned bank money bag. We stock these bags in a variety of sizes and they are generally sold in batches of 1000 and 2000. Also used in the food packaging industries.

Size: mm x mm x mic

Sale Unit: Box


Mini Grip bags can also be custom printed to provide businesses with packaging that meet industry and product specific requirements.

25mm x 25mm (2000 units)

40mm x 40mm (2000 units)

40mm x 60mm (2000 units)

50mm x 70mm (2000 units)

65mm x 80mm (1000 units)

80mm x 100mm (1000 units)

80mm x 120mm (1000 units)

100mm x 110mm (1000 units)

100mm x 150mm (1000 units)

120mm x 180mm (1000 units)

150mm x 180mm (1000 units)

150mm x 250mm (1000 units)

180mm x 320mm (1000 units)

215mm x 315mm (1000 units)

250mm x 360mm (1000 units)

305mm x 420mm (1000 units)

400mm x 500mm (1000 units)