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Our plastic Plastic Jiffy bags are cost effective padded mailing envelopes made of strong white or gold kraft paper, with an inner layer of bubble wrap to give cushioned protection for light weight items.

Size: mm x mm

Sale Unit: Case


Jiffi lite bags protects products against shocks, moisture and dirt. The envelope has a self seal adhesive strip which saves time. Our plastic packaging jiffi lite bags can be custom printed to provide businesses with packaging that meet industry and product specific requirements.

120 x 210 (100 units)

150 x 210 (100 units)

180 x 260 (100 units)

220 x 260 (100 units)

220 x 330 (50 units)

240 x 330 (50 units)

270 x 360 (50 units)

300 x 440 (50 units)

350 x 490 (50 units)