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Buy Corrugated Cardboard Rolls Online!

SFK corrugated cardboard rolls, also known as single face cardboard rolls, are an outstanding choice for protective packaging, adept at securely wrapping items of varying sizes.

  • Available in 4 standard width dimensions;
  • Prices start from R502.00 per roll, excluding VAT.

Corrugated cardboard rolls are favoured by industry, business and individuals seeking efficient, affordable, safeguarding of their products for various applications.

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SFK Corrugated Board 

Single Face Corrugated Board is used across multiple industries for a variety of applications. Made of recycled paper, corrugated cardboard rolls gives a unique softness whilst simultaneously making it easy to bend without cracking and is used extensively in the furniture business, where it is wrapped around all types of furniture as protection from bumps, scratching and abrasions during transport and packing. For similar reasons it is used in the building industry where it protects objects that might be damaged by building operations.

Single-face kraft (SFK) corrugated cardboard, serves a multitude of purposes, including:

  • Safeguarding furniture legs during transportation
  • Shielding framed pictures or mirrors
  • Preserving glass or wood tabletops
  • Providing structural support and cushioning for parcels or packing boxes.

Enjoy the convenience of buying cardboard rolls online at an affordable price per meter with Design Packaging & Tapes. We offer the flexibility of free delivery for orders over R 1500 in Gauteng or collection at our offices in Randburg. Additionally, explore our extensive range of cardboard boxes and packaging products, providing a comprehensive solution for all your packaging requirements.


Cardboard Rolls Dimensions

Due to the nature of the product and its popularity, at least four standard width size cardboard rolls are kept in stock:

20kg SFK cardboard roll (66m) 915mm
30kg SFK cardboard roll (75m) 1220mm
35kg SFK cardboard roll (67m) 1525mm
40kg SFK cardboard roll (67m) 1830mm

*Rolls split to different widths can be made to order on request. *Rolls can be cut into sheet form if required.