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  • A hand top closer is indeed a tool used for manually closing corrugated cartons. It's typically employed in packaging and shipping operations where a manual sealing method is preferred or necessary. Overall, hand top closers provide a convenient and efficient solution for manually sealing corrugated cartons, offering reliability and versatility in various packaging operations. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILBLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE
  • These gloves are specifically designed to protect the hands from the inevitable wear and tear that comes with working with rough materials for extended periods of time.
  • Our multi-purpose and multi-industry latex gloves are available in bulk as they are for single use only. Unit: 100/Box | 1000/Case
  • Highly effective face masks that are extremely comfortable to wear. Unit: 20/Box
  • Our first aid kits contain all the necessary essentials compiled for your convenience.

    R139.90R214.00 ex. VAT
    Hot melt adhesive is for multi-purpose, multi-surface applications that require glue that has a stronger tack and longer life. Our glue slugs are available for bulk order only.

    R120.00R384.00 ex. VAT
    Tape gun is a pistol grip tape dispenser that will hold rolls of packaging tape.
  • Size: mm Sale Unit: Roll 25KG PACK 11mm x 300mm (25KG)
  • Size: Ton Sale Unit: Per each  CBY30/NY-NAR (1150x550 3.0 Ton Narrow Pallet Jack, Nylon Wheels) CBY30/PU-NAR (1150x550 3.0 Ton Narrow Pallet Jack, PU Wheels)
  • Size: Ton Sale Unit: Per each CBY30/NY-STD (1220x685 3.0 Ton Standard Pallet Jack, Nylon Wheels) CBY30/PU-STD (1220x685 3.0 Ton Standard Pallet Jack, PU Wheels)