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Paper and Board

paper and board

We have a variety of paper and board products to meet any packaging requirements. Whether you need bendable, protective board packaging to protect furniture while it is being transported or you need a 20kg pack of newspaper to protect household items, Design Packaging and Tapes can supply it for you. Here’s a brief summary of the main paper and board products:

SFK – Single Face Corrugated Board

Single Face Corrugated Board is used across multiple industries for a variety of applications. Made of recycled paper, it gives a unique softness whilst simultaneously making it easy to bend without cracking and is used extensively in the furniture business, where it is wrapped around all types of furniture as a protection from bumps, scratching and abrasions during transport and packing. For similar reasons it is used in the building industry where it protects objects that might be damaged by building operations.

Single Face Corrugated Board is normally supplied in rolls although it can be cut into sheet form if required. At least four standard width rolls are kept in stock, although rolls slit to different widths can be made to order.

Our Stock Sizes are: 950mm, 1250mm , 1525mm and 1830mm.

*This product is categorised in our carton section as it is made from the same source material as some of the cartons. We have also listed it in our paper and board category for convenience.

Brown Wrapping Paper

Also known as Paper Kraft, this is a thin brown paper (80 gsm) used in shops for wrapping parcels. There are, however, many other uses such as in production cycles of numerous products where a temporary barrier is required in the manufacturing process. Brown wrapping paper is generally supplied in roll form and we carry several sizes or widths. It can be cut into sheet form if required for a particular application.

Our Stock Sizes are: 610mm, 760mm, 910mm and 1220mm.

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White (Plain) Newsprint

This is newsprint paper, cut into rough size sheets and rolled into bundles of either 10kg or 20 kg each, can be used for many applications but most commonly in the household removal and transport industry, where individual items are first wrapped in paper before being placed into transport cartons.

White Tissue Paper

Our white tissue paper is supplied in reams of 480 sheets in a pack. This packaging product is also known as Cap Paper and can be used in many packing and wrapping applications. White tissue paper is also used extensively in the furniture transport industry where a soft paper is required to wrap more delicate items individually, such as glassware and crockery, before such items are placed in transport cartons.

Shredded Paper

Our shredded paper is supplied in bales, normally 25Kg per bale and has many uses in the packaging industry. It is used as a packaging supplement to take up space in cartons to prevent one component colliding into another and as additional padding to prevent damage inside parcels. It is an affordable yet very effective cushion in most cases where it is used.

Hard Paper Boards

We offer a variety of hard paper boards which are used for a number of applications, including the following:

  • Green Lined Manilla Board – Used for various applications where a good thicker board material is required in the packaging or printing industries, Often used in the manufacture of plain or printed tags.
  • Emtini Liner – Used as a heavy paper/cardboard to line storage containers or packaging boxes where extra protection is needed. Often used as sheet between layers within boxes or within palletised items for stability or differentiations of different products.
  • Mill Boards – Can be used as insulation liners but may be used in various production processes, such as etching boards in the circuit board industry.
  • Tar Kraft Papers and Board – These are papers which have been coated with Bitumen and are largely used for goods in the building industry where some protection is required from dampness. These could be paper or steel products. It is also used to cover products as a sealant in transit within containers. It is sold in roll form and may be reinforced if a stronger material is required.

Paper packaging: Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

  • Garage Paper Towel Rolls. The obvious daily use is at garages for cleaning windscreens but many other uses are made of this product, such as for cleaning purposes in the food industry and the printing industry.
  • Toilet Paper. Stocked to assist factories as many prefer this item to be delivered with their packaging requirements. It comes in bales of 48 rolls and is available in Single or Double Ply Tissue form.

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