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There are always a number of additional packaging materials like mailing bags, rubber bands and wire ties that individuals require when packaging their parcels. Apart from the actual packaging equipment there are many packaging materials and items that may assist in transporting packages safely or are sometimes critical to the application of the packaging products.

Some packaging materials cannot be left out of the packaging process:

  • One such packaging material is the strapping tool. Without a strapping tool, the strapping on a package will likely never be sealed or will probably be too loose. Make sure to keep a strapping tool handy when conducting the strapping process.
  • Another handy tool is the tape dispenser. Applying packaging tape by hand will prolong the packaging process, and we all know that time is money!
  • Additionally, without a wire tying tool, your wire ties will be ineffective and useless. Make sure that your wire ties have been efficiently bound by using a wire tying tool to twist wire ties into place.
  • And what staple is stapled correctly if not stapled to a staple gun. Before becoming tongue-tied let us just say that stapled packages are secure packages, so a staple gun is an incredibly important packaging tool.

Additional packaging materials that we provide are rubber bands, padded mailing bags and wire ties. For any more information concerning packaging tools and equipment contact us!

Rubber Bands: Rubber bands, or otherwise known as elastic bands, are in everyday use in the office and at home. This handy product is perhaps known more for not being around when you need one so make sure you buy some in bulk. Made from a merging of rubber and latex they are adept at holding together a number of items. Our rubber bands come in a variety of sizes.

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Padded Mailing Bags: Sometimes some packages need that five-star treatment. Whether the package is slightly more fragile, or more valuable, than the ordinary delivery, make sure it is securely delivered in our padded mailing bags. Our double layered bags are carefully lined with bubble-padding technology to ensure that your items are safe-and-sound. Our padded mailing bags come in a variety of sizes.

Wire Ties: When it comes to closing, bundling, clamping and fastening, nothing is more useful than ties. Our wire ties are made of durable steel and can be used and twisted to fasten or bundle any number of office and household items.

Strapping Tool: How else can you ensure a safe delivery of your boxed package without the use of banded strapping? Efficiently strapping your package requires the use of a strapping tool. By placing the banding into the designated slots of the strapping tool, your package can be quickly and easily strapped and banded without hassle.

Pistol-Grip Tape Dispenser: Our pistol-grip tape dispenser not only allows you to quickly dispense with tape to bind and seal your packages, but you’ll look like Doc Holliday while doing it. Our polypropylene tape dispensers are rigid enough to weather regular office use but equally easy to use and store. Quicker than Billy the Kid!

Wire Tying Tool: The wire tying tool is indispensable when it comes to firmly tying wires into place. You cannot be without this item when requiring the use of wire ties. Our hardy wire tying tools quickly twist any wire in order to bind any number of items.

Staple Gun: Our stalwart staple guns are both safe and easy to use. Make sure that packages and items are firmly and safely stapled into place without a struggle. Not to be confused with the staple gun of the air-pressure variety.

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