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Corrugated Cardboard Cartons and Boxes

Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated Cartons for Packaging

When it comes to corrugated cartons and boxes there is a multitude of product options to choose from. There are many corrugated products offering various flute types, papers, combinations, shapes, sizes and forms.

The strength and carrying capacity of the corrugated cartons you purchase will depend on the fluting which is the reinforcing inside the outer layers of the carton. Other distinctions are single wall board or double wall board.

Basic carton options offer:

These corrugated cartons and boxes are either glued or stapled, but there are a variety of die cut cartons which fold into shape without glue or staples.

Additional Products Made from Corrugated Board:

  • Trays.
  • Partitions.
  • Slip cases.
  • Layer pads.
  • Corner protectors.

Corrugated board is typically supplied in Kraft, but is also available in white board to facilitate printing, advertising and presentation needs.

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Corrugated Cartons: Products Available at Design Packaging and Tapes

At Design Packaging and Tapes, we present the market with a wide variety of corrugated cartons and sizes to choose from. We hold the following in stock:

To learn more about ordering corrugated cartons, contact us at Design Packaging and Tapes today.

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