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Posts made in January, 2017

Top Packaging Trends for 2017

Top Packaging Trends for 2017

By on Jan 17, 2017 in Packaging | 0 comments

While 2016 saw a big comeback in the form of retro packaging design and going back to basics – ‘au naturel’, the future of the industry in 2017 looks a little bit different… and somewhat more exciting, too! Here are a couple of leading trends to watch out for in the year ahead, or to get a head start on them with your own packaging designs. Quirky Labelling It will always be important to ensure that your product labels are easy to read, however, with this in mind, the latest trend is to use quirky lettering and bold, vibrant colours (the brighter, the better!) to grab the attention of your potential consumers. In fact, if you really want to embrace this trend, why not go all the way and create your own custom lettering? Use Nostalgia to Your Advantage Retro is still very much in fashion. Perhaps this is due to the fact that with retro comes a sense of nostalgia, and who doesn’t like to reminisce! Ultimately, if you are able to illicit these feelings in your consumer, he or she will be much more likely to buy your product than the one next to it that evokes no emotions. Die Cuts to Die for If you aren’t afraid to get creative, you can turn a simple die cut into a packaging revolution! Not only do the die cuts make it possible for consumers to take a peek at the actual product inside, but they can add personality to your packaging if executed correctly, too. For example, if your packaging features an animal, a die cut smile or tummy gives a view of what’s on the inside, just as Beehive Honey Squares did with a breakfast cereal! Go Green 2017 just happens to be the Pantone “Year of Greenery and green is the colour of harmony and balance, inducing trust and suggesting all that is natural, good and healthy. Going green with your packaging in 2017 isn’t only about the colour though. Eco-friendly packaging has already taken centre stage and many packaging awards, and seems set to become infinitely more popular going forward. Not only will it help you to reduce your carbon footprint, but it also leaves...

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